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Unfair Punishment for Dátolo

November 17, 2010

Argentinean football player Jesus Dátolo is facing criticism from Napoli, the club to which he is under contract. Why is the 26-year-old player being called upon to make his defence? Dátolo is under attack because he posed in his underwear for Romeo Mag, an Italian gay magazine. Dátolo is under pressure from Aurelio De Laurentis, president of Napoli, to make some sort of defence after he stated that “the image of Napoli rights have been violated.”

Why do we live a world where an innocent photo in a legitimate magazine can cause such uproar? Exactly how do these photos violate Napoli’s image? De Laurentis’s reaction sends out the message, intentionally or not, that Napoli does not support homosexuality. It is these types of reactions that homophobia rears up, punishing those who are different and forcing them to stay silent about who they are out of fear of retribution.

How can player feel comfortable coming out when simply posing in a gay magazine causes such criticism?



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  1. Emily84 permalink
    November 21, 2010 12:50 pm

    It’s at times like these that I am ashamed of being Italian.
    Positions like De Laurenti’s are close-minded and just plain despicable – and, unfortunately, they seem to be quite popular everywhere when it comes down to sports.
    To think that posing for a gay magazine would ruin a club’s image is ridiculous, especially when players are constantly on the news for cheating on their wives, for being involved with prostitutes and drugs… The world of football should do some serious rethinking of their ideas of “morals” and what’s good for a club’s “image”.

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