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PFA is Ready to Support Homosexual Footballers

March 31, 2011

Protection is ready for gay football players, according to Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) chief executive Gordon Taylor. Speaking with The Telegraph, Taylor shared his thoughts about homosexuality in the world’s most popular sport.

Citing the support English cricket player Steven Davies received after revealing he is gay, Taylor said that PFA also has a ready protection program for footballers. He added: “I would say to any player who came out that you can rely on the PFA to support you all we can. If any crowd abuses you, we will get in touch with that club through the FA to say that’s not acceptable. Same with any clubs or players who abused you.”

Despite this, the PFA head still believes that coming out of the closet for footballers is a very courageous act. He said: “While we have made massive improvement in crowd behavior, it would still be a very, very brave move for a player to come out.”

Even though the current times have been more proactive in ensuring equal opportunities for the LGBT community, the idea of a gay footballer is still relatively new in the sport. The PFA takes its stand in supporting gay players with their decision, and will take positive steps in ensuring their safety.

[The Telegraph]


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