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Weekly Question Responses: Week 1

July 12, 2011

On our various social networking sites we began last week asking a ‘weekly question’ to our supporters about their experiences with homophobia in football, and their opinions on what should/could be done to combat it.

Last weeks question was:

Have you ever heard homophobic chants or comments at a match? If so, what was the reaction and response of those around you. Would you / Did you feel comfortable confronting the person about what was said?

These are the responses we received:

Kyle Johnson via Facebook: Well, there aren’t any out gay footballers, so I wouldn’t think there would be much opportunity for homophobic chants in the stands.

afrostedlemon via Livejournal: I haven’t heard homophobic chants at matches yet, but I only ever went to the matches of a small local club (visitor count ~15 people…). I’m going to a bigger match at the end of the month and therefor I felt like I should think about this question anyway.
I’ve experienced drunk fan bulks at train stations and in trains a few times by now. Although I’m someone who has a big mouth, stands up for other people and talks back a lot, I am not sure if I would dare to do that towards drunk, idiotic homophobes at a football match. They’re unpredictable and once they’re all riled up it can get ugly. A lot of them are more than willing t resort to violence. I’ve seen people getting beat up for less.
The chant-situation kind of suggests that more than one person would be parttaking in this and I’m not sure if I could handle a bunch of (possibly drunk and aggressive) homophobes myself.
It depends on how safe I would feel in that situation and if there were other people to support/help me. It does sound coward, I know, but after all, it’s one own health that’s at stake. (It would be a different situation, though, if someone would be directly targetted by homophobes physically or verbally).

Either way, I think that there should be meassures against homophobia at matches. I think we all agree that ‘just’ because one’s health/wellbeing is threatened, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any actions that can be taken to stop it. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ban people for homophobic remarks or the like, or if this would even be a realistic meassure, but something has to be done.

We would love to hear more opinions on this matter, or your responses to the answers we received.

The question for next week is:

Do you think football associations do enough to tackle homophobia? If not, explain what you think they should do differently.

Send us your responses as comments, emails, or via the various networking sites. We look forward to receiving your answers.

The answers to these questions do not necessarily reflect the views/opinions of RCH.

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