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Cameron Condemns Homophobia in Sport

August 8, 2011

David Cameron’s supporters have hailed him as a young politician, one who is in touch with the times and understands the needs of Britain today. Just before coming under intense political pressure due to his links to the Murdoch media empire, British Prime Minister David Cameron wrote an article for in which he condemned homophobia in sport 1.

Cameron’s message that homophobia is unacceptable is a laudable one. Whether Cameron’s interest in and support of football is genuine has been called into question 2; this doesn’t change the fact that he realises that the current homophobic messages that can be heard in many football stadiums is outdated and stifling soccer as a sport. This article is also a positive turnaround from Cameron’s shambolic Gay Times interview3. Despite this shaky start Cameron has hosted a number of receptions focused on gay rights including an event which focused on homophobia in sport. With the Olympics soon to be hosted in London, sport will take over England’s capital city providing a platform to highlight homophobia in sport.

However, Cameron must now continue to advance the anti-homophobia message in football rather than use these issues to superficially retain votes while doing nothing of note to help those suffering from discrimination. Perhaps if Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband devoted a small amount of time to decrying homophobia in any of the many varying mainstream public forums available to them then perhaps homophobia would become a higher priority in Westminster and penetrate the consciousness of Britain as a whole.

Sources: [1 Pink News ] [2 Political Scrapbook ] [ 3 Gay Times Interview – Video]

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