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Adelaide United’s Levchenko supports coming out of gay players

September 15, 2011

Levchenko during training with Adelaide United. Photo credit: AdelaideNow

Newly signed Adelaide United player Evgeniy “Lev” Levchenko is never unassertive when it comes to his beliefs. After appearing on the cover of L’HOMO, Levchenko again showed his support for gay football players.

Speaking with AdelaideNow, the Ukranian midfielder shared his passion for cars, social networking, football, and gay rights.

“You know, for me, it’s just like living in prison,” said Levchenko about homosexual football players who choose not to come out. “There are gay football players, but they won’t come out because they’re scared. I know many of them don’t live a normal life and that is the issue. You don’t have to [come out] – but do it if you want to.”

Levchenko, who is heterosexual, became more vocal about his support in gay players when one of his friends decided to go public with his homosexuality. “I understood him. [I felt like] he was hiding his feelings and emotions all of his life,” he said. Levchenko shared that his football friend is now happier since his coming out.  The tragic death of Justin Fashanu, who also played for a football club in Adelaide, was another defining moment that led to Levchenko’s passionate advocacy for gay rights.

Source: [AdelaideNow]

Follow Evgeniy Levchenko (@elevchenko) on Twitter.

– N.E.


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