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Antonio Cassano Sparks Euro Controversy

June 14, 2012

Antonio Cassano made headlines recently in a Euro 2012 news conference when he stated that he hopes there are no gay players in the Italy squad.  Media circulated rumors speculated that there were two homosexual players in the team, to which Cassano responded, “Queers in the national team?  That’s their business.  But I hope not.”

Later Cassano issued an apology for his statement, saying “I am sincerely sorry that my comments have caused controversy and protests among gay groups. Homophobia is not a point of view that I share. I didn’t want to offend anyone and I absolutely don’t want to put a person’s sexual freedom under discussion.

“I only said that it was a problem which was nothing to do with me and I don’t let myself express judgments on other people’s choices, which should all be respected.”

A weak apology and one that does not do much to dose the fire of controversy with the inclusion of the “other people’s choices” phrase.  Still, it must be mentioned that this is Antonio Cassano, who is no stranger to public stupidity outbreaks.

Italy manager Cesare Prandelli, who has been supportive of gay footballers in the past, and the rest of the national team have refused to comment on Cassano’s remarks in an attempt to remain focused on upcoming matches.

Source:[The Guardian]

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