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Get Involved

We have heard from some of you who are eager to contribute to this campaign, and we would love to include your input on this blog and Red Card Homophobia on a whole. Here is what you can do:

  • Write a news article (250 word minimum) on a news topic related to homophobia and football.
  • Write an opinion article (400-800 words suggested) sharing your viewpoint or insight on some aspect of homophobia and football.
  • Send us any informative or useful links that you find.
  • Comment on articles, we love hearing what you have to say!
  • Purchase merchandise from the Red Card Homophobia store.

Send any submissions and/or links to redcardhomophobia[at]gmail[dot]com. Please source any articles or information that you use, and let us know how you would prefer your work to be credited (your full name, initials, etc). We cannot guarantee that we will publish everything we receive, but we will do our best to include what we can.

A Guide to Approaching Teams/Players about Supporting Red Card Homophobia

  • Contact to tell us about your plans. That way we keep informed about who is approaching which club. Please wait until you get a response from us.
  • Print out the RCH logo on thick paper as many times as you think is necessary. You can find a usable version of the logo here:
  • Ask permission from the club by contacting their press spokes person. Explain you are there on behalf of Red Card Homophobia, which is an organized group of fans who are against homophobia in football. Tell them you want to ask the players to sign our logo and take a picture with it, to show that they too are against homophobia in football. Don’t forget to mention that the photos will be posted on our website. If they seem hesitant, tell them AFC Ajax has done it already.
  • If you get permission from the club, start to approach the players with the same story. Tell them you got permission from the press spokes person. It is important that the players understand why the pictures are being taken and what will be done with those pictures.
  • If they say “no”, respond politely.
  • If they say “yes”, ask them to sign the logo and hold it up so you can take a picture. Thank them and move on to the next player.
  • Any photos you take should be send to us first. So we can watermark them before they get published. Only the watermarked photos should be posted. This makes sure no newspaper or website publishes the photos without our consent.
  • Good luck to everyone who is going to try this. Keep in mind that it might be easier than you think, with a lot of important and positive consequences. There’s no harm in trying!
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